Friday, March 30, 2007

As Americans do we really care about the hurting that is going on around the world? We aren't directly affected by any of the suffering so what difference does it make? We may feel bad for the dirty kids on the occasional child sponsorship commercial, but such emotions fade quickly for most of us. The prospect of a new SUV with its fancy do-dads and ten mpg is just too tantalizing for us. We fall under the misperception that we "can't make a difference anyway", we assume that we have no influence on our government by the people and for the people. In my humble opinion this is an injustice to the very nature of government our founding fathers strove to create. As citizens of the United States, and ultimately citizens of the wolrd, we must not be content in our complacency! We must be willing to act if we expect the world to change. But first we must be able to see past that plasma screen and realize that there is more to the world than simply satisfying our seemingly insatiable American greed. Can we do that?