Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The promise of exaltation
The control of deed and speech
The devastation of deception
Hell's desert sold as beach
Rituals performed give warmth to the heart
But the bitter cold of sin, still keeps them apart
Good intentions meant and ignorance is willed
But the kingdom is missed in the midst of the thrill 
Payment is presented in the form of filthy tender
But counterfeit to a King who sends away the pretender

"It slices, it dices, it will make you a god"

Anyone who has ever watched an infomercial or read an internet advertisement has probably learned a certain level of discernment when it comes to what is proposed through those mediums. They have grown in their understanding and adhered to the grandpa-ism that "if it seems too good to be true, it probably is".That little inner filter is quick to dismiss whenever the lighted screen begins to promise us that all of the inconveniences of life can be minimized if we simply will buy into what is being sold. Sure, some of these products actually work but the majority are rightly dismissed due their inability to fulfill the promises they are making. Despite this, many businesses who's product is inferior are thriving in these markets by using the same bait that was used by a snake in a garden (twice). That being the false promise that the product in question can take what is a creature and make it Creator. Want to be wealthy and control your future? Don't like the physical attributes you been given? Tired of having to care for and serve others to receive affection? Well click this, call that, pay the shipping and handling and you, like a god can have control of absolutely everything. You will never have to submit or feel inferior to anyone ever again for 3 easy payments of idolatry, blasphemy and obliviousness.
Lets be honest, our natural self jumps at this offer "Finally! I can be a Burger King and have it my way! I can stop being a subject and start being the object of others praise and adoration". "At last I can start checking off this narcissistic list of how I want things to be". I can be a symphonic fusion of Usher and Frank Sinatra with the My Way soundtrack to my movie like life"  If this were a reality most would gladly pay any amount to partake and many do everyday knowing that it is a futile investment in an empty guarantee. Businessmen, artists, athletes, and politicians alike are all in pursuit of having their names exalted in this world over all others. Hoping to be worthy of worship. Confused because their quest to be American Idols leads to communion with demons.

"But wait, there's more"
This tactic is not exclusive to the marketplace, it is also the leading slogan for the false religions and philosophies of the world. How do I know? Because I was raised in a religion who's main purpose for its followers was not for them to know GOD or be GODly but rather, to be gods. It was taught to us that GOD was once a man like us and progressed to be our creator. And for 3 easy payments of idolatry (of a false prophet), blasphemy (working to be god), and obliviousness (which they quaintly called faith).we could become a creator too. We were not to investigate other beliefs or ever question the demi gods (or leaders as they called them) placed above us. Your entire purpose within this belief was the exaltation of self. We were encouraged to be holy (so we could be gods), be helpful (so we could be gods) and be loving (so we could recruit other potential gods). It was an organization built on the alter of self who's "We're Christian too" tagline was almost as authentic as the Colonel Sanders like spokesperson they called Jesus.The sad part is that many in this belief were zealous and genuine in their pursuit of these promises. They lived everyday with the notion that this was the best possible option. All the while they were willing to excuse the obvious signs that this covenant could not be kept by those who offered it. It's amazing what the promise of deity will cause a person to put up with. They missed a true experience and relationship with the one true GOD in exchange for a paper kingdom. But they're not the only ones. Some teach that you can by faith make god your financial slave (which actually makes money god), some that you can reincarnate to be god (which makes reincarnation god), others that through evolution you can be god (which makes whoever decided that god), and still others that through ignorance of your surroundings and focus of the mind you can be god (which actually makes ignorant thinking god) . The snake I was speaking of earlier has many different deceptions, but all point back to this same empty promise that expelled him from GOD's kingdom long ago. He is eternally defeated but yet he leads his followers as they march to the pits of Hell with this self exalting anthem "We can be god".  

But the fact is that man is a creature and the greatest exaltation any creature can obtain is the acknowledgement and worship of his Creator. Think about it. Since we are created and finite that means that GOD who created us must be infinite. If we are capable of wrong then there has be an eternal standard of right. And if we recognize that the power, immutability, immanence, self-existence, goodness and sovereignty are all things worthy of praise even if they are counterfeit then the praise and worship of the GOD who authentically has these attributes is an even greater pursuit. All of creation is made for this end, the stars proclaim it, the mountains scream it, the waters sing it, the animals portray it and the winds give a gentle yet unmistakable nudge to it. And we the highest of all these creations have the greatest capacity for it. We literally were designed to this single end. We unlike the painting and the artist, unlike the song and the composer can have relationship with our creator YHWY. We can interact with HIM, love HIM, and greatest of all these,  worship HIM. And when we align our purpose with the recognition of his true being and position in our lives, we reach our highest of potential. We can be fully fulfilled in HIM and HIM alone. We should be enamored and awestruck with everything HE is . HE should be the apple of our eye, and though this world has tasted so many fake plastic apples that it has determined that it does not like the sweet nectar of the real deal granny smith, we who have tasted of this fruit understand that we were made to enjoy it and revel in it. GOD is good! GOD is love! and for us, GOD is everything. We obey because he is greater, we sing because HE alone is worth a song, we love because his love is the only imitation we desire and we pray because its the only 100% honest conversation we can have.  PRAISE BE TO GOD THAT WE WERE MADE TO WORSHIP HIM.

by Chris Murray